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Learn what does P0133 Hyundai O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response Bank 1 Sensor 1 means? P1131 is an oxygen sensor code that is common on Ford six- and eight- cylinder V- type engines. Specifically, it' s the first sensor - H02S1 ( Bank1, Sensor 1) - or the one on the cylinder 1 side of the engine and closest to the exhaust manifold. My 1998 ford explorer has a p0133 code " slow resolnse on o2 sensor bank 1 sensr 1. I have replaced the sensor, and the problem did not go away. The o2 voltages seem to read correct on the scan tool. Hi, thanks for the useful info here. I have a strange problem with my Accent model 1341cc Unleaded Gazoline. 000 Km ( car was bought firsthand by me in, I do not drive a lot) and the engine check light appeared. Replacing an O2 sensor can be a fairly easy DIY replacement. I haven' t seen all cars, but on Honda Civics it is fairly simple. Get the appropriate. This Diagnostic Trouble Code ( DTC P0133) relates to the Oxygen Sensor ( HO2S) sometimes referred to as an Airflow Sensor in the Bank 1 Sensor 1 position.

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    This location is pre- catalyst and typically on the right bank of a v6 or v8 engine or near the front of a dual banked 4 cylinder ( eg: Rav4). P0133 is a code for the oxygen sensor bank one sensor. P0410 is a code for the secondary air injection system malfunction and a P0301 is a code for a misfire on cylinder 1. Received the p0133 and p1131 codes. Everything seemed to be running fine until the next day when I was at a stop light and my rpm' s would drop down to 600 and the truck would rumble a bit. Put the truck into neutral and the rpms jumped back up to the 900 range. Was going to head to dealership to pick up LDP vent valve which costs the same as a cheapo hand vacuum tool used to test it, but pulled codes again before I left and received Psensor bank 1, sensor 1 Slow Response). There is a special socket wrench needed to remove it. Some autoparts stores have a loan a tool program so you don' t need to buyit. P0133 indicates bank 1 sensor 1, that is the. first oxygensensor on the side of the engine with the number 1 cylinder. P0133 Means the Bank1 Sensor 1 oxygen sensor is not communicating correctly with the computer, weather the sensor is failing, or there is an issue with the wire/ connection from the main harness to. P0133 diagnotic code indicates a problem with the oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1. P0420 indicates a problem with the converter on bank 1.

    I think it is possible that the First code is could be setting the second code. So, I would get the P0133 fixed first and that could very well fix both codes. Fix code P0133 trouble code A P0133 trouble code Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank 1 Sensor 1) to changes in fuel delivery. This sensor is located on the engine bank that houses # 1 cylinder and is located BEFORE the catalytic converter. i think the upstream is the two by the engine and the downstream are the ones behind hte cat. i am not sure on jeeps but on bmws, 1, 3, 5 are the first set and 2, 4, 6 are the second set. SOURCE: Fault code P0133 can' t pass inspection. This code does not always mean the O2 sensor is low, but if u want to replace it here is the info to do that and the part number. When i filmed this i just woke so please excuse my monotone voice. lol Code P0133 Also a How to install a stock ECU BTW I first change the o2 sensor b4 doing this and. OBDII codes P0133 and P0130. Discussion in ' 1st Gen.

    Tacomas' started by. even though you fix the problem you still have to erase the code with a scanner. OBD- II Code P0133 is defined as an Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank 1, Sensor 1) Code P0133 is triggered when the powertrain control module or PCM determines that the oxygen sensor voltage switch from below 400 millivolts to above 450 millivolts is taking too long. Error Code P0133 is described as Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank 1, Sensor 1). This code means the air/ fuel ratio in the engine is not. Well - I finally got the right code. Was given a wrong code from Autozone who I finally got the right code from. Anyway - here is my plight. A code P0133 may mean that one or more of the following has happened: The oxygen sensor is faulty The wiring to the sensor is broken / frayed There is an exhaust leak Solutions The simplest thing to do is to reset the code and see if it comes back. Code P0133 is caused by slow response of an O2 sensor circuit ( Bank 1 Sensor 1). Learn more about causes, symptoms and diagnostics for code p0133. Description of vehicle trouble code P0133 - Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank1, Sensor1). P0133 - GM; Type: Powertrain - Fuel and Air Metering - ISO/ SAE Controlled: Description: HO2S Slow Response Conditions. Location: Bank 1 Sensor 1: Cause: No AIR, ECT, EVAP, IAT, ln] ector, MAF, MAP, Misfire or TP sensor codes set, DTC P0155 and P1133 not set, AIR, Catalyst and EGR Flow test inactive, no injectors disabled, engine runtime over 202 seconds, system voltage 8- 18v, engine speed 1200. lol Code P0133 Also a How to install a stock ECU BTW I first change the o2.

    NOTE # 1: Diagnosing code P0133 requires that the engine be in perfect running condition. If any other emission control, air/ fuel metering, or misfiring codes are present along with P0133, these codes must be diagnosed and resolved in the order in which they were stored before attempting to diagnose P0133. P0133 Trouble code definition. P0133 O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response. What the P0133 code means. Bank 1 Sensor 1 is a sensor that is used by the computer ( ECM) to monitor the amount of oxygen exiting the engine. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. " - Sherlock Holmes. Put on scanner and received code P0133, bank 1 sensor 1. After I replaced that sensor the ' service engine light' came on within 15 minutes of driving. The new code is P0420, which means the bank 1 catalyst is not. Detailed information on error code - P0133 - 0xygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank 1 Sensor 1). Trusted provider of automotive service information including cost estimates and money saving tips. Become educated on automotive repair. Esse código P0133 está apresentando muito nos Ford Fiesta e EcoSport, então veja como resolver.

    Para mais informações de como adquirir. P0139 Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( B1S2) Technical Description. Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank1, Sensor2) What does that mean? This diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD- II equipped vehicles. Hey man I had the same probably when it started getting cold. I have the stock Cat I just got both ends cut to 3inches just so the cat would not bottle neck the flow from the custom exhaust and to give it a stock lock in case the cops try to give me some problems. SOURCE: have p0130 and p0133 codes 98 toyota tacoma I would check the O2 sensor, and if it checks bad, replace it, and clear the trouble codes. If the light comes back on, you may need to check further. Check engine light on went into emissions and failed ( forgot code but needed new 02 sensor) got sensor. Mechanic cleared code but came back on and now I have code P0133 and check engine light is on. Hi Gang - My vibe just had its first CEL at 59, 000 miles. I have an 04 base manual. I had the CEL read at autozone and it came up as p0133 which is defined as " oxygen sensor circuit slow response ( bank 1, sensor 1). p0133 - O2 sensor CKT slow response ( bank 1 sensor 1) i did some research and i have some questions.